Road Tests $50*


Professional Driving Schools is licensed and certified by the State of Utah (which certification must be renewed each year) to administer official State Road Tests.

Our examiners have been trained by the state road-test training program to ensure proper testing procedures and complete HONESTY. We work very closely with the Utah Driver License Division (DLD) and every road test is administered with the same standards as a state agency. Tests can be administered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

*Prices may vary by location and holiday, evening, or weekend hours.

Schedule an Appointment

Call or text 801-613-1039 or 801-810-9196 Monday-Friday 10 AM to 6 PM

Click HERE to find the nearest testing center.

Prepare for Your Test

Use your Operator Learner’s Permit to practice driving (if necessary) before you go to take the test

School vehicles are approved and inspected annually by the DLD for all safety matters.

What’s On The Test

  • Right and left turns
  • Right and left lane changes
  • Moving in Reverse
  • 3 Point Turn
  • U-Turn
  • Simulated Uphill and downhill parking
  • Parallel parking
  • Obey general traffic rules: speed limits, traffic lights, stop signs, road markings, etc.

Automatic Test Failure

  • Drive over double solid yellow lines.
  • Improper lookout (pulling out in front of a car without seeing it)
  • Hit or drive up onto the curb in any maneuver (especially backing, parallel park)
  • No habit (forget blind spot, turn signal, etc. more than 4 times)
  • Any other dangerous action that puts the car or passengers at risk