01. Driver License Requirements

Having a driver license is a privilege, so you decide when to lose it. High quality driver’s education is one of the best ways to help you prevent accidents and tickets. Revolution Driving Instruction delivers avant-garde Utah Driver License Division-approved services that meet or exceed the needs of new and experienced drivers.

Any first time applicant for a Utah driver license has to take an approved driving course. Courses must consist of nine (9) classroom/home study lessons + six (6) in-car lessons given by certified instructors in order to be approved. If you don’t take an approved course, you must wait 3, 6, or 12 months to get a driver license. Take action and start driving legally today!

How to Get a Driving Permit at the Driver License Division

  • Take 9 lessons to prepare you for the 50 or 25 question test at the DLD
  • Take 6 in-car lessons to prepare you to get your driver license
  • Take a picture ID (Examples: State ID., consulate card, passport. Etc)
  • Show original SSN card or ITIN/IRS letter (Laminated documents are not valid)
  • If you apply with an IRS number you need to present finger prints* as well
  • Birth certificate or U.S. Passport
  • Two letters with your name as proof of address** if you are 18 or older
    *Finger prints can be taken at a police station.
    **Example of proof of address: Bank account statement, Pay-stub from work, water bill, power bill, rent contract, etc. Read Utah Handbook for further options (page 4).

Already have your permit?

If you are under 19 and have completed driver’s ed, you can take the road test with us and get your license today! If you have not completed driver’s ed, you’ll need to finish it before you can get a driver license as soon as you pass the road test–otherwise you may be subject to a 3, 6, or 12 month waiting period. Those over 19 should take a complete course to be able to get there license as soon as they finish the course, or they may have to wait 3, 6, or 12 months before they can get a license. Please call us to discuss your situation–we can help you find the fastest way to get a driver license!

Started driver’s ed but haven’t finished?

If you started driver’s ed but didn’t complete the course, you’ll need to finish the classes where you started. If that’s not an option, RDI intensive courses can help you meet driver’s ed requirements fast.

Have a license from another state or country?

The Driver License Division will need to verify the validity of your license; some licenses are accepted but others are not. While some national and local licenses may allow you to receive a Utah driver license, international licenses are among those not accepted. Check with the DLD to see if yours qualifies. If your license is not accepted, you may be required to complete driver’s education. We can help you with our fast and easy courses so that you can get your driver license as soon as possible.

02. In-Class Lessons / Home Study lessons

The Purpose of the 9 Lessons

The 9 lessons are designed to help you get a Utah Learner Permit at the Driver License Division. These lessons will familiarize you with the latest changes regarding Utah traffic rules and are necessary to fulfill the Utah requirement to get a Driver License. You can take those 9 lessons from the comfort of your home or at one of our locations. The Home Study Course and the Traditional (in-class) Course give you two great options that are compatible with almost any budget and time considerations. (See Courses).

Take Our Traditional Classroom Course

Our 9 classroom lessons will prepare you to pass the written test at the Driver License Division so you can get a Utah Learner Permit. This course also teaches you to drive defensively so that you can pass your road test with a certified instructor and get your driver license. Knowing the rules will not only help you get a permit but will also help you avoid tickets and citations for traffic violations that could result in license suspension.

Take Our Home-Study Driver License Course

Our 9 home study lessons have been a favorite for students who cannot or prefer not to come to our classroom lessons. These 9 lessons will prepare you to pass the written test at the Driver License Division so you can get a Utah Learner Permit. After you complete these lessons and get a Learner Permit, you can take the six (6) in-car lessons. When you finish the course, we will give you a Certificate of Completion so that you can take a final road test and get your Driver License at the DLD. In a rush? Ask about our intensive programs!

03. Written Test at the DLD / DMV

Everyone Must Pass the Written Test to Get a License

The written test at the Driver License Division consists of 50 questions designed to test your understanding of basic traffic and driving principles. You need a score of 80% or better to pass it. Passing this test allows you to get a Utah Learner Permit. Without this permit you cannot get a license in Utah. The DLD charges approximately $15 for the test and allows you 3 chances to pass it. You can only take two tests in one day, and for the third chance you need to study and wait at least 24 hours. Those who take driver’s ed have a higher chance of passing the test on the first try than those who have little or no driver’s ed training. If you don’t pass the test after your third try, you will have to pay another $15 to try again.

DLD Restrictions for Taking the Written Test

In order to take the written test at the Driver License Division, you must meet the following criteria:
#1 You must present all applicable documents listed in 01. Get Started

#2 You need to pass an eye exam at the DLD with 20/40 vision or better in at least one eye

#3 You need to pay a fee of $15 or $25 to take the test and get a permit

If you or someone you know is trying to pass the written test at the DLD to get you license or to renew it, we can help you. We have an exclusive course that is designed to help you until you get your driver license. These lessons include quizzes, homework and key-word study that will definitely help you pass the written test in English so you can get your driver license.

Why do some written tests have 50 questions while others have only 25?

#1 First Time Applicants: If you are a first time applicant, you have to take a 50 question test in English.* You will not be allowed to use the Utah Handbook or any other study material when taking the test. If English is not your native language, you may be allowed to use a paper dictionary when taking the test. *Refugees and people who have been granted political asylum may qualify to have an interpreter when taking the test. This DLD policy is subject to change should the Utah legislature allow the test to be administered in languages other than English.

#2 License Renewal: If you need to renew your license but have tickets, you are required to take a 25 question test in English. Unlike first time applicants, you are allowed to use the Utah Handbook while taking the test. You may also use a paper dictionary. If you don’t have any tickets and your license is still valid, you only need to pay the fees and have your picture taken at the DLD to renew your license–no tests required!

#3 Expired License: If you let your license expire, you may be required to take the written test and the road test again in order to renew your Utah driver license.

04. Permit

How do I get my Utah Learner Permit?

After you have shown the required documentation and passed the written test at the Driver License Division, you will receive a Utah Permit valid for 1 year or 6 months.

Do I need to take the 9 lessons even if I have a valid permit?

Most people prepare for the test by taking the 9 lessons before they get a permit. If you have not completed a valid driver education course in a high school or with a certified institution, you will need to complete a course in order to receive credit for having taking driver’s ed. Not taking driver’s ed may subject you to a 3, 6, or 12 month waiting period before you can get your license.

05. In-Car Lessons

How many in-car lessons do I receive when I enroll for the whole course?

After you complete your 9 classroom/home-study lessons and have a valid Utah permit, you can schedule the in-car lessons: 3 observations lessons of 2 hours each and 3 driving lessons of two hours each.

Private Driving Lessons

If you have a license from another country or state, or you just need more practice before taking the road test to get your Utah Driver License, you can sign up* for a Private Driving Lesson. *Valid Utah permit or a valid license from another state or country required.

Will I be ready to take the Road Test after my 6 in-car lessons?

New and experienced drivers alike pass the road test more easily than those who have not taken any training with us. However, we recommend that all of our students get additional time practicing what we teach them to develop the driving skills and habits necessary to obtain a driver license.

Help for Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations

RDI sponsors events and provides services, products, and training to corporations who want their employees to be safer drivers. RDI also offers courses to nonprofit organizations and to those whom they help. For more information about these programs, contact RDI today!

How will the DLD know that I completed the 6 in-car lessons?

RDI makes it simple: when you complete all of the lessons required by the Driver License Division, we will send them your Certificate of Completion via the DLD’s electronic system.

06. Road Test

What do I need to take the road test?

You must have a valid Utah permit and have a Certificate of Completion in order to be allowed to take the road test. Those who have a valid license from another country must have a valid Utah permit to be able to take the road test.

Where can I take the road test?

You can take the road test with us or at the Driver License Division. Click here for more information about third party tests.

Do I need my Certificate of Completion to be able to take the road test?

If you took classes with RDI and decided to take your road test at the Driver License Division, we will send them your certificate via the DLD driver education online database. If you take the road test with a third party tester, you may be required to show them your Certificate of Completion.

07. License

Requirements for Getting Your License

Be one of the thousands of persons whom we have prepared to obtain a driver license in Utah!

  • To get a driver license in Utah, you need to have a Utah permit, a Certificate of Completion, and a passing road test score from a certified tester.
  • If you have a valid license form another state or country, you will need to show your license and your road test scores with a passing score from a certified road tester.
  • If you have a driver license form another state, you may need to take the written test and the road test to be able to get a Utah License. Have questions? Call us for a free consultation, or you can visit the Driver License Division office nearest you.