A ticket is more expensive than driver’s ed.

Home Study Course:

This course includes: (9) Home Study Lessons + (6) In-Car Lessons

Save time and money. With this Basic Course you can finish the 9 lessons on your own terms, and then you can start your driving lessons as soon as you finish your homework. *Prices may vary by location. $50 book deposit is fully refundable when you return your homework.

Traditional Course

This course includes: (9) Classroom Lessons + (6) In-Car Lessons

Perfect for all drivers who prefer a small classroom setting, Traditional Course instructors will help you understand the latest traffic rules and prepare you to get a permit and a Utah Driver License. *Prices may vary by location. Payment plans are available and allow you to start right away!

Road Tests

Test includes: (1) Test attempt with a certified instructor, vehicle, insurance, and fuel.

Take your road test with us and get your driver license today. Don’t wait in line at the DLD/DMV! If you have a valid Utah Learner Permit and have finished your course work elsewhere, we can test you. If you took your driver license course with Revolution Driving Instruction, we can hook you up with a 3rd party instructor to take the test. Our friendly instructors will give you fair results. *Restrictions may apply after hours or on weekends. Prices may vary by location.

Private Lessons

For those who need a little extra help, we offer private lessons including:

  • Personal training sessions
  • Written Test Help

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We accept students sponsored by non-profit organizations. Please contact us for more details.
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