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With our Stick Shift Training courses you will gain the skills to drive manual transmission vehicles. The training starts in the classroom with an explanation of how a manual transmission works, but most of the training will take place behind the wheel.

This is a supplemental training course and students enrolling should already have passed a standard drivers education course and be familiar with driving a vehicle.

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For many, learning how to drive a manual transmission (MT) is a way to gain more freedom and to explore the benefits that they otherwise would never enjoy. But for some it is not an option, either because their job requires it or because they travel to another country where stick shift cars are the only option, etc. Whatever your case may be, we can help.

We can definitely teach you how to shift gears gently and to coordinate your movements, and, more importantly, how to avoid roll-backs on hills so that you can enjoy driving any car anywhere.

You can enroll anytime in person at any one of our locations. You must be a licensed driver that has experience driving an automatic car and understand basic driving rules so that you can benefit the most during your stick-shift training. Most drivers learn a lot with only one lesson of 90 minutes, but you can request as many lessons as you think you need in order to feel ready to drive solo.

Before enrolling, we encourage you to look into some useful videos that can give you some basic insights, and then we will take care of the actual practice.


Is the instructor going to take me on busy street with a lot of traffic or hills?

No, our instructors will make an assessment of your abilities and make sure that you learn on residential areas with minimum or no traffic until you can manage more.

Are stick-shift car better on gas/fuel?

Yes, when you compare apples-to-apples (same size engines) between an automatic and a stick-shift car, the latter could be more fuel efficient, especially if you learn to drive it the right way.

Do manual transmissions (MT) last more than automatic transmissions (AT)?

Yes. Even though most modern ATs last as long as an MT, there are some lemons out there. When you consider how much more dependable a manual transmission is, then is not a surprise why many European countries prefer MTs.

Does the clutch have to be adjusted or replaced in an MT?

Yes, eventually the clutch wears out, making it gradually more difficult to shift gears. When this happens, you need to look into the possibility of adjusting or replacing the clutch depending on its condition.

Is a clutch expensive to adjust or replace?

Not really, especially if you compare it with the cost of repairing or replacing an AT. When we are talking about clutches we are talking about a few hundred dollars, but when we are talking about ATs sometimes we are talking about a few thousand dollars. It really depends on the scope of the repairs and the type of car you want to drive.

Are manual cars cheaper than an automatic cars?

Yes, most often you will find that some of the best car deals out there will be on manual cars! It all comes down to supply and demand: the number of consumers who prefer an automatic transmission over a manual transmission is simply larger, meaning there’s more competition for automatic transmission cars, which can drive prices up.

Is it worth it to learn how to drive a stick shift (MT)?

Yes, especially when the car that you really like only comes with a MT.

What should I look for when trying to buy a manual car?

We recommend you research consumer reviews, fuel consumption, insurance quotes, and the comfort level that each car provides. Test-driving is a must in order to find the best fit for you.

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